Rkt reaches 1.14.0

Earlier this year we released rkt, the container engine by CoreOS, in its first stable version, and since then the project development has continued apace. Release after release, rkt keeps proceeding towards its goal of providing a stable and minimal container runtime. Here, we will take a small tour of the project’s status and some of its more notable changes since 1.0.
The rkt journey so far
Many users have shown how they care about rkt by providing invaluable feedback and use cases, as well as proposing new features. Based on this feedback, we have several noteworthy changes to highlight. Those are just a small selection among all the changes that we track in the changelogs accompanying every release.
On the standardization front, the Open Container Initiative (OCI) is progressing towards its 1.0 release, and work is well underway in rkt to fully support this important milestone. We’ve started preliminary work on handling

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