‘Catastrophic’ DDoS Attack Hits Linode Servers Over Labor Day Weekend

An anonymous reader writes: A coordinated DDoS attack hit Linode (VPS provider) over the weekend, which the company has described as “catastrophic.” The attack targeted the company’s Atlanta data center, and was timed for the extended Labor Day weekend when the company had fewer employees on hand to deal with the incident. At the start of the year, after suffering a two-week-long DDoS attack, Linode announced a data breach with attackers accessing some user accounts. The company reset passwords after it detected the intrusions. Linode engineers told customers they were “experiencing a catastrophic DDoS attack which is being spread across hundreds of different IP addresses in rapid succession, making mitigation extremely difficult.” The report adds: “During all this time, connectivity to the service was down, affecting Linode customers such as Clojars, a repository of open source Clojure libraries that relies on the Linode infrastructure.”

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