Termination of YouTube Service on 2012 BRAVIA TVs

Termination of YouTube service on 2012 BRAVIA TVs1 September 2016Dear Valued Sony Customer,It has been confirmed that the “New YouTube on TV” app on 2012 Sony BRAVIA TVs will experience symptoms of “Black Screen and Freezing”, or an “Error Message will be displayed and the video will stop playing”.The symptoms being experienced are not a failure of the TV, but are as a result of specification changes made by YouTube that exceed the capability of the TV’s hardware.As a result, Sony have decided to remove the YouTube icon for the 2012 Bravia TVs on 30th September 2016.The YouTube application will no longer be available for the 2012 Bravia TVs after 30th September 2016.We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.EX SeriesHX SeriesX Series 20-29“ KDL-22EX550

30-39“ KDL-32EX650

KDL-32EX65540-49” KDL-40EX650


KDL-46EX655 30-39“ KDL-32HX750KDL-32HX751KDL-32HX753KDL-32HX755KDL-32HX757KDL-32HX758KDL-32HX75940-49“ KDL-40HX750KDL-46HX750KDL-46HX751KDL-46HX753KDL-46HX755KDL-46HX756KDL-46HX757KDL-46HX758KDL-46HX759KDL-46HX75GKDL-46HX850KDL-46HX853KDL-46HX85550-59“ KDL-55HX750KDL-55HX751KDL-55HX753KDL-55HX755KDL-55HX75GKDL-55HX850KDL-55HX853KDL-55HX855KDL-55HX950KDL-55HX953KDL-55HX95560-69“ KDL-65HX950KDL-65HX953KDL-65HX955 80-89”

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OpenBSD 6.0 Released

LichtSpektren writes: Version 6.0 of the free operating system OpenBSD has just been released. This release features much improved hardware and armv7 support, a new tool called proot for building software ports in an isolated chroot environment, W^X that is now strictly enforced by default, and removal of official support for Linux emulation, usermount, and systrace. The release announcement can be read here. The release is OpenBSD’s 40th release on CD-ROM and 41st release via FTP/HTTP.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Contemplating the possible retirement of Apache OpenOffice

Outgoing Apache OpenOffice project management committee (PMC) chair Dennis
Hamilton has begun the discussion of a possible (note possible at
this point) shutdown of the project.
“In the case of Apache OpenOffice, needing to disclose security
vulnerabilities for which there is no mitigation in an update has become a
serious issue.

In responses to concerns raised in June, the PMC is currently tasked by the
ASF Board to account for this inability and to provide a remedy. An
indicator of the seriousness of the Board’s concern is the PMC been requested
to report to the Board every month, starting in August, rather than
quarterly, the normal case. One option for remedy that must be considered is
retirement of the project. The request is for the PMC’s consideration among
other possible options.” (Thanks to James Hogarth.)

Also of interest is this note on how the
handling of CVE-2016-1513 went.
 “Dennis E. Hamilton” To:
 [DISCUSS] What Would OpenOffice Retirement Involve? (long)Date:

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Library Innovation Lab leader talks ‘unbinding the law’ with the Caselaw Access Project

Credit: Brooks Kraft

Bruce Gellerman/WBUR News
Not too long ago, a statement like this spoken in the hushed, hallowed hallways of the Harvard Law School library would have been considered heresy: “I think for court decisions, law books are becoming obsolete and even to some some degree a hindrance.”
That’s Adam Ziegler, and he’s no heretic. He’s the managing director of the Library Innovation Lab at Harvard. Ziegler is leading a team of legal scholars and digital data workers in the lab’s Caselaw Access Project.
“We want the law, as expressed in court decisions, to be as widely distributed and as available as possible online to promote access to justice by means of access to legal information,” Ziegler said. “But also to spur innovation, to drive new insights from the law that we’ve never been able to do when the law was relegated to paper.”
Historically, libraries have been collections — books, multimedia materials and artwork. But

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Maybe Blockchain Really Does Have Magical Powers

Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin and other digital currencies, isn’t quite as novel or omnipotent as many have advertised it to be. That doesn’t mean, however, that it can’t do wonders in the world of finance.The World Economic Forum recently published a report on how blockchain will reshape financial services — that is, how to apply 1970s technology (more on this later) to problems that have existed since the 1980s. It covers everything from global payments to insurance claims to proxy voting to contingent convertible bonds — is there anything in the financial industry that isn’t broken? Were you guys seriously not planning to do anything about it until a blockchain came along?The 130-page report reminds me of those old Coca-Cola ads that promised to cure everything from headaches to exhaustion. The ads worked because nobody really knew what was in a Coke bottle. Similarly, the term “blockchain” has been

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“fs” unpublished from npm

For a few minutes today the package “fs” was unpublished from the registry in response to a user report that it was spam. It has been restored. This was a human error on my (@seldo’s) part; I failed to properly follow our written internal process for checking if an unpublish is safe. My apologies to the users and builds we disrupted.
More detail: the “fs” package is a non-functional package. It simply logs the word “I am fs” and exits. There is no reason it should be included in any modules. However, something like 1000 packages *do* mistakenly depend on “fs”, probably because they were trying to use a built-in node module called “fs”. Given this, we should have deprecated the module instead of unpublishing it, and this is what our existing process says we should do.
If any of your modules are depending on “fs”, you can safely remove it

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The LMS market glacier is melting

 The world of edtech is strange and full of apparent contradictions. Venture capital investment has exploded since 2010, hitting an all-time high of $3.1 billion in 2015, with private equity and strategic acquisitions pushing this number even higher.
Dozens of startups, if not more, vie for the attention of presidents and provosts. If you look at adoption rates by schools, just one category… Read More

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Is Apache OpenOffice Finally On the Way Out?

Reader JImbob0i0 writes: After almost another year without a release and another major CVE leaving users vulnerable for that year the Chairman of the Project Management Committee has started public discussions on what it will entail to retire the project, following the Apache Board showing concern at the poor showing.It’s been a long battle which would have been avoided if Oracle had not been so petty. Did this behaviour actually help get momentum in the community underway though? What ifs are always hard to properly answer. Hopefully this long drawn out death rattle will finally come to a close and the wounds with LibreOffice can heal with the last few contributors to AOO joining the rest of the community.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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