Octopress on Raspberry Pi

In this article, you’ll be learning how to install the Octopress Framework on your Raspberry Pi. We’ve tried it for some time now, and it is just plain amazing to work on. A blogging framework for hackers indeed.What you’ll needIt is better to have all of these handy when getting started.Raspberry Pi (obviously).Raspbian with SSH enabled. If you haven’t already here’s how it’s done.An internet connection; the Raspberry Pi needs to be connected to the internet at all times.For this setup, we will be using NGINX and Ruby-Dev.Why NGINX?NGINX, pronounced as “engine X”, is a lightweight event drive web server. It is very well known for it’s static file handling capabilities.1. SSH into the Raspberry PiDo this using your favourite piece of software. If you haven’t got one already we recommend Putty for Windows. Macs and most Linux distributions have SSH built in.2. Install the essential packagesInstall Ruby-DevWe require Ruby-Dev for some

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Plex adds DVR support worldwide, including HD

If you have never used Plex then you may be missing out on a great source of entertainment. The media server can be used on multiple devices. You’ll need to install the server on a computer that’s always on (and holds your media), but the required software is free. You can then access your content on a set-top box like Roku or Fire TV, or even an HTPC. You’ll just need to install the relevant Plex app on your devices. A new update is promising global DVR support worldwide and you’ll be able to use it from mobile devices anywhere you… [Continue Reading]

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