Mezzano – An operating system written in Common Lisp

C- means to hold the control key while typing .

M- means to hold the alt or meta key while typing .

Alphabetic keys typed with control or meta ignore case. C-A and C-a are the same key, while C-! and C-1 are different.

The default keymap is En-GB, use M-F12 to switch between En-GB, En-US, No-BK, and PanCyr keymaps. Windows can be moved by holding the Alt key and dragging.

For help & support, join #mezzano on Freenode (

M-Esc will attempt to interrupt the thread associated with the current window.
This won’t work if the thread is stuck in a tight loop or if the thread is blocked.

The line editor supports most standard line navigation and editing commands.

C-F Move forward (right) one character, also bound to Right-Arrow.

C-B Move backward (left) one character, also bound to Left-Arrow.

C-A Move to beginning of line, also bound to Home.

C-E Move to end of line,

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