It’s time EU laws caught up with technology

Did you know it’s illegal to share a picture of the Eiffel Tower light display at night?
Did you know in some parts of the EU, teachers aren’t legally allowed to screen films or share teaching materials in the classroom?
Think that’s absurd? So do we. It’s time our laws caught up with our technology. Here are three things that can help fix copyright:

1. Update EU copyright law for the 21st century

Copyright can be valuable in promoting education, research, and creativity — if it’s not out of date and excessively restrictive. The EU’s current copyright laws were passed in 2001, before most of us had smartphones. We need to update and harmonise the rules to create room to tinker, create, share, and learn on the internet. Education, parody, panorama, remix, and analysis shouldn’t be unlawful.
Today, our communication, creation, and conversations are facilitated through technology. But many of our normal activities — taking

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