Hearing from Fargo users

Hearing from Fargo users
I’ve learned more in the last few days about how people are using Fargo than I have in all of 2016. Of course that’s coming after I told the users that Fargo will not make the transition to the new Dropbox API, and it will stop working in June of next year when the current API is turned off.  I made this choice because I now have better technology for storage, that isn’t dependent on one vendor, and neither users or Dropbox showed much interest in the product. As a developer I depend on that interest. The way I do software is user-driven. If there aren’t smart people using the product, and if I don’t hear from them, I can’t do my work.This is kind of ironic because Fargo is designed for people to communicate. If people had something to say about the product, they could write

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