Getting started with AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a new way to run event-driven applications as a service.  Often referred to as “serverless” computing.  AWS Lambda allows developers to think only about the code, and not have to worry about the layers below.

It’s all about the functions
Lambda is similar to how a platform as a service (PaaS) works.  In a platform as a service, you typically create an application and deploy it to a PaaS.  Once deployed, the PaaS manages the operational aspects of the application, including scaling and high availability.  Notable PaaS products include Heroku, Cloud Foundry, AppEngine, and OpenShift.

Microservice architectures have been gaining popularity, where applications are broken into much smaller pieces (services) to enable better scalability, more agile development, among other benefits. Lambda embraces this philosophy, and allows developers to deploy a single function at a time.  Once deployed, Lambda will manage the operational aspects of that function, from scaling to high

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