GitLab 8.11 Released with Issue Boards and Merge Conflict Resolution

Aug 22, 2016 There are so many good things in GitLab 8.11, that I struggle to introduce all this without turning to superlatives. So, without further ado: With GitLab 8.11 you get a completely new way to manage your issues, you can resolve merge conflicts in the interface, you can restrict pushes to people and groups (in EE), you get an online IDE, you can use slash commands to modify issues and you can create as many issue templates as you want ..and many other new features. This month’s Most Valuable Person (MVP) is Clement Ho for his merge requests and responsiveness on issues. Thanks Clement Ho! Issue Board GitLab Issues are very flexible. You can crosslink them, prioritize them, and rank them by popularity. With the Issue Board we’ve added something new: You can now create workflows, quickly get an idea of the status of your issues and all

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