Using Feature Queries in CSS

There’s a tool in CSS that you might not have heard of yet. It’s powerful. It’s been there for a while. And it’ll likely become one of your favorite new things about CSS.
Behold, the @supports rule. Also known as Feature Queries.
With @supports, you can write a small test in your CSS to see whether or not a particular “feature” (CSS property or value) is supported, and apply a block of code (or not) based on the answer. Like this:
@supports (display: grid) {
// code that will only run if CSS Grid is supported by the browser

If the browser understands display: grid, then all of the styling inside the brackets will be applied. Otherwise all of that styling will be skipped.
Now, there seems to be a bit of confusion about what Feature Queries are for. This is not some kind of external verification that analyzes whether or not a

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