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Let’s Encrypt provides rate limits to ensure fair usage by as
many people as possible. We believe these rate limits are high enough to work
for most people by default. We’ve also designed them so renewing a
certificate almost never hits a rate limit, and so that large
organizations can gradually increase the number of certificates they can issue
without requiring intervention from Let’s Encrypt.

If you’re actively developing or testing a Let’s Encrypt client, please utilize
our staging environment instead of the production API.

The main limit is Certificates per Registered Domain (20 per week). A
registered domain is, generally speaking, the part of the domain you purchased
from your domain name registrar. For instance, in the name www.example.com,
the registered domain is example.com. In new.blog.example.co.uk,
the registered domain is example.co.uk. We use the
Public Suffix List to calculate the registered

If you have a lot of subdomains, you may want to combine them into

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