Git Workflow Basics

Git Workflow BasicsThis post is intended for beginners, but I assume you already know the basics of Git usage (commit, push, pull, etc).You probably know how to use Git in your daily basis. But knowing how to commit, push and pull isn’t enough to really work with software development.It doesn’t matter if you use GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab or Stash, one thing is true: you must follow a code review process to ensure your code has minimum quality standard.This post will provide you a quick guide on how to use a “open source” workflow in your projects. As the name implies, it’s the same workflow used on a whole bunch of open source projects out there.Among the benefits of this workflow are the fact that your work is completely isolated from everyone else’s and also the reduction of error going to production.But hey: use what works best for your team. Some

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