HTTP/2 makes media loading 3–15 times faster on mobile

Test resultsHTTP/2 demonstrated to be consistently faster then HTTP/1.1 on this test4 times faster on WiFi / 20Mbps cable, average server ping 50ms6 times faster on LTE network, average server ping 90ms15 times faster on 3G network, average server ping 120ms2 times faster on 2G network, average server ping 400msThe reason HTTP/2 is just 2x faster on 2G network is due to EDGE bandwidth constraints as at 170Kbps link rapidly saturates.Left to right: WiFi, LTE, 3GHTTP/1.1 bottlenecksSingle active request per TCP connectioniOS network stack maintains maximum of 4 TCP connections to the server, and multiplexes logical requests between them.Therefore, a maximum of 4 simultaneous requests could be processed at any given moment in time, resulting in poor network link utilization and two main issuesServer is unaware about next client needs until client fully consumed response to preceding request and delivered the following requestIf some responses are slow, they’ll block the

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