Mapping the World of Music Using Machine Learning: Part 1

Mapping the World of Music Using Machine Learning: Part 1In June 2016 Ravi Mody and Tim Schmeier gave a presentation at the NYC Machine Learning meetup to discuss their work on the data science team at iHeartRadio. This is the first in a three part article complementing the presentation.Music, the Internet, and Machine LearningLike almost everyone who grew up in the 80s/90s, my music discovery followed a familiar pattern: I’d listen to the radio, talk to my friends about what they’re listening to, then buy a CD/tape to play on repeat until everyone around me was sick of it. This worked fine for most people, but as a music lover I’m thankful it seems so foreign today — the internet has completely transformed the way I interact with music. While I still often listen to the radio, I now use my phone to tune into any of thousands of stations from across

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