Moving to GitLab Yes, it’s worth it

Aug 4, 2016 Note: This post is a customer story on the benefits of migrating from GitHub to GitLab, by Fabio Akita, a Brazilian Rubyist. I started evangelizing Git in 2007. It was a very tough sell to make at the time. Outside of the kernel development almost no one wanted to learn it and we had very worthy competitors, from Subversion, to Mercurial, to Bazaar, to Darcs, to Perforce, and so on. But those of use that dug deeper knew that Git had the edge and it was a matter of time. Then GitHub showed up in 2008 and the rest is history. For many years it was just “cool” to be in GitHub. The Ruby community drove GitHub up into the sky. Finally it became the status quo and the one real monopoly in information repositories – not just software source code, but everything. I always knew that

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