Lenovo’s latest convertible tablet brings a drawing pad into the fold

 If nothing else, Lenovo has certainly demonstrated that it’s not afraid to experiment with form factor. The company’s Yoga line has offered some of the most interesting takes we’ve seen on the tablet space. They have been met with a varying degree of success, sure, but the company always seems game to try something a little different. The Yoga Book certainly offers one of… Read More

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Intel Changed the Name of Its Dinkiest Processor and It Will Definitely Confuse You

Buying a laptop with Intel on the inside often boils down to two choices. Do you go with the potent Core i processor like the i5 or i7, or do you save some money (and battery life) and grab the super low powered Core M processor usually reserved for tiny tablets? Core i and Core M, despite both coming from Intel, are very different families of processors and provide very different services to a computer user. So it’s kind of bullshit that Intel, with the release of Kaby Lake
, has quietly changed the name of two Core M processors (the m5 and m7) and is now calling them i5 and i7 processors.Read more…

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France: Open Access Law Adopted

In France, the final text of a new law on Open Access has been adopted on June 29, 2016. On July 20, the Assemblée Nationale has approved the bill, and it still needs to be voted on by the Sénat on September 27. 
In the law text, article 17 is relevant for Open Access:
Article 17The chapter III of title III of the book V of the Research code is completed by an article L. 533-4 which reads as follows:”Art. L. 533-4. – 
I. “When a scientific article, result of a research activity funded for at least half by the State, local authorities or public institutions, by national agencies or by European Union grant, is published in a journal which comes out at least once a year, his author has the right to provide, even if he has granted an exclusive right to a publisher, a free availability in an open format, via digital channels, subject to the agreement

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Half Of People Click Anything Sent To Them

Want to know why phishing continues to be one of the most common security issue? Half of the people will click on anything without thinking twice ArsTechnica reports: A study by researchers at a university in Germany found that about half of the subjects in a recent experiment clicked on links from strangers in e-mails and Facebook messages — even though most of them claimed to be aware of the risks. The researchers at the Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU) of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, led by FAU Computer Science Department Chair Dr Zinaida Benenson, revealed the initial results of the study at this month’s Black Hat security conference. Simulated “spear phishing” attacks were sent to 1,700 test subjects — university students — from fake accounts. The e-mail and Facebook accounts were set up with the ten most common names in the age group of the targets. The Facebook profiles had varying levels of

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Transmission Malware On Mac, Strike 2

New reader puenktli writes: Just five months after Transmission was infected with the first ‘ransomware’ ever found on the Mac, the popular BitTorrent client is again at the center of newly uncovered OS X malware. Researchers at security website We Live Security have discovered the malware, called OSX/Keydnap, was spread through a recompiled version of Transmission temporarily distributed through the client’s official website. OSX/Keydnap executes itself in a similar manner as the previous Transmission ransomware KeRanger, by adding a malicious block of code to the main function of the app, according to the researchers. Likewise, they said a legitimate code signing key was used to sign the malicious Transmission app, different from the legitimate Transmission certificate, but still signed by Apple and thereby able to bypass Gatekeeper on OS X.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Atom 1.10 and 1.11 beta

Hot on the heels of the last release, we’ve released Atom v1.10 and v1.11-beta!

1.10 Stable

Here are some of the noteworthy changes that are shipping to Stable in 1.10. Thanks to our diligent beta users for helping us test these out and ensure that they deserve the stable designation

Atom Package Manager Upgrade

The new version of apm runs on Node 4.4.5 and npm 3.10.5. This has a number of benefits including:

Package dependencies are now flattened by npm 3, reducing problems with paths exceeding the path length restriction on Windows
Package that depend on native modules now install more reliably
Installing packages from behind proxy servers should work more easily now

People on Windows have asked for more control over shell integrations. So we added a System panel to the Settings View on Windows for more control over Atom’s integration with the operating system. Check it out

New UI inputs

A few commonly used

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Hackers Stole Account Details for Over 60 Million Dropbox Users

The Dropbox hack is more severe than we expected. Motherboard has the details: Hackers have stolen over 60 million account details for online cloud storage platform Dropbox. Although the accounts were stolen during a previously disclosed breach, and Dropbox says it has already forced password resets, it was not known how many users had been affected, and only now is the true extent of the hack coming to light. Motherboard obtained a selection of files containing email addresses and hashed passwords for the Dropbox users through sources in the database trading community. In all, the four files total in at around 5GB, and contain details on 68,680,741 accounts. The data is legitimate, according to a senior Dropbox employee. Security expert Troy Hunt has corroborated on Motherboard’s claims, and has updated Have I Been Pwned website where you can go and see if you’re among one of the victims.

Read more

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Facebook open sources Zstandard compression algorithm and MyRocks storage engine

 Today, Facebook is releasing its Zstandard compression algorithm into the wild as open source. The lossless compression technology is aimed at replacing existing libraries like zlib that are powered by the outdated Deflate compression algorithm. In addition to Zstandard, Facebook is also dropping its MyRocks storage engine as open source. MyRocks is currently being used by Facebook to… Read More

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