The Uber Engineering Tech Stack, Part I: The Foundation

Uber Engineering
Uber’s mission is transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere, for everyone. To make that possible, we create and work with complex data. Then we bundle it up neatly as a platform that enables drivers to get business and riders to get around.
Screenshots show Uber’s rider app in New York, China, and India as of spring 2016.
While we want Uber’s UI to be simple, we engineer complex systems behind it to stay up, handle difficult interactions, and serve massive amounts of traffic. We’ve broken up the original monolithic architecture into many parts to scale with growth. With hundreds of microservices that depend on each other, drawing a diagram of how Uber works at this point is wildly complicated, and it all changes rapidly. What we can cover in a two-part article is the stack we used as of spring 2016.

Uber Engineering’s Challenges: No Free Users, Hypergrowth
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