Project delays: why good software estimates are impossible

Rubik’s cube world record
Have you ever tried to solve a Rubik’s cube and been unable to complete it? I once tried several times during a long bus trip and felt pretty bummed after failing every time. Then I learned that there are kids out there that can do it in seconds! How is that even possible?
Unexpected complexity
When you, as a programmer, start a new project, you will often not know full well how to do it, for many reasons. But you are a professional, and you’ve completed similar tasks in the past, so you either try to figure it out, or find someone who can, and ask them how, or just google it.
Very often, you do not know you’ve found yourself in this dilemma until it’s right in front of you.
Here are some examples:
You have to re-implement something using a new framework or library
A library you’re trying to use doesn’t like the other library that you’ve been

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