Kubernetes at Box: Microservices at Maximum Velocity

A few years ago, we began splitting up the monolithic PHP application that powers Box into microservices. We knew we’d ultimately need dozens (even hundreds) of microservices to be successful, but there was a serious problem: our model for provisioning new services was slightly… antiquated. And by antiquated I mean that people in the 1800’s probably had better ways of building and deploying microservices than what we had at Box.
In the beginning
If you wanted to deploy a new production service, you first had to ask the operations team for dedicated hardware. That’s right – because we started Box both before AWS and before virtualization was internally practical, much of our technology stack was still fundamentally based on bare metal servers dedicated to specific services. It could take weeks (or even months) to get your hardware ordered, racked, and online. Then you had to write Puppet profiles to customize your specific

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