How to get your app noticed (on Google Play)

Got a developer account on Google Play? I do. And since Google mandates a public (support) email address, I get spammed daily by sleezeballs trying to sell me their “app promotion services” (aka clickfarms). Yeah, sure, I prefer free organic traffic over paid bots every day, thank you.
Speaking of which, how do you actually get your apps noticed in the quagmire, Google calls an appstore? Time for a case study, using my repository of open source apps (I never spent a dime on marketing any on those). In order of publication:
Sensor Readout
List My Apps
Remote Keyboard
Sensor Readout
was the first app I ever wrote for Android (just to learn the ropes) and obviously it classifies as a “toy”. An app you install to see what your phone can do, but certainly not a daily driver. It doesn’t get used often once installed, but since it is only 400kb in size, it rarely

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