What ever happened to Wordstar?

Whatever Happened to Wordstar?
by John C. Dvorak
One of the most interesting stories in the history of computing surrounds the dominant word processor of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s — Wordstar.
The brains behind it included industry pioneer Seymour Rubenstein, who much later developed a spreadsheet product called Surpass which became Quattro Pro. Rubenstein had worked for IMSAI under his then mentor Bill Millard where he ran into superstar assembly language coder, Rob Barnaby. After his stint with IMSAI and after working on a banking system for Credit Suisse Rubenstein decided to start a company. He began studying the Datapro reports on dedicated word processors and decided he wanted to do a software company. He called it Micropro International. The first two products were a word processor and a sorting program which he got Barnaby to code. In just a few months, while coding two products simultaneously, Barnaby produced

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