#ethereum fork: Mist browser now available with hardfork choice

This release contains geth 1.4.10 with the Hard Fork choice!

You will be asked at start which chain you want to be on. After selecting your choice, you will run either the Hard Fork chain, or stay on the old one.

Until block 1 920 000 you can simply switch to the other chain, by selecting the main in Menu “Develop” -> “The DAO fork” -> “support/don’t support DAO fork”.

If you want to switch chains after block 1920000 you need to resync Mist!You can do this by following these instructions:

Click on “Accounts” -> “Backup” -> “Accounts”. This will open the file explorer with the “Ethereum” folder opened.
Click on “Accounts” -> “Backup” -> “Application Data”. This will open a system folder, go there into the “Mist” folder.
Close Mist.
Delete the “chaindata” folder inside the “Ethereum” folder.
Change the content of the file called “daoFork” to true or false (“true” means going with the dao fork,

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