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I’m going to say something to you that you might not like.So be prepared!People don’t help spread the word.An old friend the other day said he was sad that my outliners are gone.I thought this really sucks, because I’m working on the outliner every day now. It’s the current thing I’m doing. I’m writing about it on my blog. Yet no one knows.I hear all the time people wish I would do another outliner.And those people are weird too. Because it’s pretty clear they don’t actually mean what they say, because when I send them a link to LO2, they don’t use it. So what was that all about? I have always tried to help friends promote their work. But I think most people don’t do that.Why? Try an experiment. Next time you’re going to Like something on Twitter, instead RT it. What really do you have to lose? Or on Facebook, share

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