JupyterLab: the next generation of the Jupyter Notebook

Learning the lessons of the Jupyter Notebook

It’s been a long time in the making, but today we want to start engaging our community with an early (pre-alpha) release of the next generation of the Jupyter Notebook application, which we are calling JupyterLab.

At the SciPy 2016 conference, Brian Granger and Jason Grout presented (PDF of talk slides) the overall vision of the system and gave a demo of its current capabilities, which are rapidly evolving and improving:

JupyterLab captures a lot of what we have learned from the usage patterns of the Notebook application over the last 5 years and seeks to build a clean and robust foundation that will let us not only offer an improved user interface and experience, but also a flexible and extensible environment for interactive computing.

In reality, even today’s “Jupyter Notebook” is a bit of a misnomer: the Notebook application includes not only support for Notebooks

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