Announcing TypeScript 2.0 Beta

Today we’re excited to roll out our beta release of TypeScript 2.0. If you’re not familiar with TypeScript yet, you can start learning it today on our website.
To get your hands on the beta, you can download TypeScript 2.0 Beta for Visual Studio 2015, or just run

npm install -g typescript@beta

This release includes plenty of new features, such as our new workflow for getting .d.ts files, but here’s a couple more features just to get an idea of what else is in store.
Non-nullable Types
null and undefined are two of the most common sources of bugs in JavaScript. Before TypeScript 2.0, null and undefined were in the domain of every type. That meant that if you had a function that took a string, you couldn’t be sure from the type alone of whether you actually had a string – you might actually have null.
In TypeScript 2.0, the new –strictNullChecks flag changes that.

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