The Lounge – Self-hosted web IRC client

What is it?

The Lounge is a web IRC client that you host on your own server.

This is the official, community-managed fork of @erming’s great initiative, the Shout project.

What features does it have?

Multiple user support
Stays connected even when you close the browser
Connect from multiple devices at once
Responsive layout — works well on your smartphone
.. and more!
Why the fork?

We felt that the original Shout project
“stagnated” a little because its original author wanted it to remain his pet
project (which is a perfectly fine thing!).

A bunch of people, excited about doing things a bit differently than the upstream
project forked it under a new name: “The Lounge”.

This fork aims to be community managed, meaning that the decisions are taken
in a collegial fashion, and that a bunch of maintainers should be able to make
the review process quicker and more streamlined.


To use The Lounge you must have Node.js installed.
The oldest Node.js version we

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