Release of IPython 5.0

We are pleased to announce the release of IPython 5.0 LTS (or Long Term Support). IPython is the Python kernel for Jupyter and the interactive Python shell; it provides a rich set of features for fluid interactive computation in Python at the terminal, in the Jupyter Notebook and across all other clients that support the Jupyter architecture.

This release has some exciting new features and lots of new development (227 commits by 27 contributors over 191 PRs). Most importantly, there have been significant improvements to the classic IPython command line interface.

As usual you can try this new release with:

pip install ipython –upgrade

The package should also be available through conda and other package managers in the next few days.

Note: IPython is now developed under the umbrella of the broader Project Jupyter, but like other components of Jupyter, with its own independent schedule. Therefore, this release does not impact the Jupyter

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