Pi-based BBC Micro Co-Processor

Dave [hoglet] and I are pleased to announce the PiTubeDirect project – some of you will have seen Dave’s Pi-connecting breadboard circuit in Halifax, hooked up to an Atom.Long story short, with just two chips and a Raspberry Pi, you too could rig up a 100MHz second processor and connect it to the nearest Tube interface: Beeb or Master (or even Elk or Atom if you’ve got a tube interface.) You might even be able to build it for a tenner. Plus postage. A Pi Zero works well, but a Pi 3 is faster – almost any Pi will do. Here’s a chance to dust off that Pi you bought and don’t know what to do with.We should say that this is still an ongoing project – getting everything compatible with all hosts and getting the last few oddities sorted out is still in progress. We’re using Tube Elite as

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