Kill All Feeds

People are spending huge amounts of time scrolling through feeds.

I’m not talking about chat apps like Snapchat or channel apps like Twitch. Those are cool.I’m talking about algorithmic feeds of posts that scroll forever and ever off the bottom of the page.Posts with Upvotes or Hearts or Likes. Posts with Retweets or Shares or Revines or Reblogs.The biggest offenders are Twitter and Facebook.When was the last time you scrolled thru a feed and felt refreshed and invigorated?Felt you’d learned something new and useful?Felt that it was time well spent?Most of the time you read a social feed it’s just a quick diversion, a release, a way to procrastinate. It will give you a few mildly funny things to snort at and a few terrible things to get mad about and maybe a photo of someone’s suntanned feet in the foreground against a white beach and a blue

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