LambCI – A continuous integration system built on AWS Lambda

Serverless continuous integration

Automate your testing and deployments with:

100 concurrent builds out of the box (can request more)
No maintenance of web servers, build servers or databases
Zero cost when not in use (ie, 100% utilization)
Easy to integrate with the rest of your AWS resources

What is it?

LambCI is a package you can upload to AWS Lambda that
gets triggered when you push new code or open pull requests on GitHub and runs your tests (in the Lambda environment itself) – in the same vein as Jenkins, Travis or CircleCI.

It integrates with Slack, and updates your Pull Request and other commit statuses on GitHub to let you know if you can merge safely.

It can be easily launched and kept up-to-date as a CloudFormation
Stack, or you can manually create the
different resources yourself.

(Support for running under Google Cloud
Functions may be added in the near
future, depending on the API they settle on)

Supported languages

Node.js (multiple

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