Boosting the Speed of PHP on Microsoft Azure

As announced in the last blog post, there has been some major progress in the development of the Peachpie platform over the last couple of weeks. Peachpie is now capable of running compiled PHP applications on IIS and on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform and infrastructure – one of the leading IaaS products in the world. It offers an incredibly thorough and powerful UI in the form of a dashboard to build, deploy and manage applications and services on the Microsoft cloud.
While Azure is obviously capable of running PHP applications already, there is still room for improvement as the benchmarks below will clearly demonstrate. Peachpie compiler is a technology whose objective is to bridge the gap between the PHP and .NET platforms and to plug the leaks in the deployment of PHP apps on a web server.

There are three key aspects that Peachpie focuses on in terms of the cloud:

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