A look at 10x paradigm

10x or not: You’ve got to do things rightYou must have heard about 10x programmers. If not, here’s a little introduction from Sean Cassidy10x developers are quasi-mythical programmers whose ability to design complex systems and hammer out production-ready code is legendary. Their impact on their project or team is felt for years after they stop contributing, and their contributions don’t stop there.This concept, myth, or whatever you choose to call it, has existed for years. And yes, there are people who are able to think ahead, solve complex problems and get a lot of stuff done. It is a good thing to have such person on your team, you can be pretty sure that stuff will be done no matter what. But problem begins when you have imposters or even worse, jerks posing as 10x people. They may be pretty good in programming and get through interviews easily, but that’s

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