I need to learn screen or tmux very well but which do I chose?

What screen is

If you’re reading this article, you probably already know what GNU
Screen is: the most well-known terminal multiplexer in the world of
Unix. If that doesn’t ring any bells, I recommend reading
the Wikipedia article about GNU Screen
before continuing with this article.

An Alternative

There are, however, also some other terminal multiplexers besides GNU
screen, most notably tmux. While technically screen and tmux serve the
same purpose – multiplexing terminals – their functionality and
quality differ drastically.

The History of screen And tmux

Development of screen started in 1987; additions and fixes have
been contributed ever since. On the one hand, that means that screen
is a solid and proven piece of software; On the other hand, though, it
also means that the codebase isn’t the cleanest one nor easy to
understand. As a result of this, new additions are rare and
development mostly concentrates on fixing existing bugs.

Tmux, on the other side, saw the light of day in late 2007. And
because the

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