Heavy Metal and Natural Language Processing

By Iain

Note 1
In this post I refer to lyrics of certain bands as being “Metal”. I know some people have strong feelings about how genres are defined, and would probably disagree with me about some of the bands I call metal in this post. I call these band “Metal” here for the sake of brevity only, and I apologise in advance.
Natural language is ubiquitous. It is all around us, and the rate at which it is produced in written, stored form is only increasing. It is also quite unlike any sort of data I have worked with before.
Natural language is made up of sequences of discrete characters arranged into hierarchical groupings: words, sentences and documents, each with both syntactic structure and semantic meaning.
Not only is the space of possible strings huge, but the interpretation of a small sections of a document can take on vastly different meanings

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Impress.js: After 4 yr, one of the top 30 GitHub repos finally has a new release

The first release after 4 years of inactivity!


24cef7f: Add comment of some CSS tricks in the impress-demo.css file

028a298: Removed double dashes — from index.html comments as Firefox was marking them as invalid

9ccb39d: Example and Demos moved to the Wiki

#193: Bower support

#511: Change license to MIT

#499: Fix issues with meta keys

8159876: Fix IE support in the README

#562: Rework introduction to sound less elitist

#563: Create the official impress.js reference documentation

#565: Document browser support and remove note for mobile

#426: Publish on npm: http://npmjs.com/package/impress.js

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Google adds a native Cast option to Chrome on the desktop

If you’ve been using a browser extension to add a casting option to Chrome, you could think about uninstalling it. Google is currently rolling out an update to the desktop version of its web browser. The feature is making its way to Chrome 51 and can be accessed by right clicking either an open tab or the browser’s hamburger menu. Should you ditch the extension, though? It really depends on your needs… While the change does little to change the way casting content to Chromecast devices actually works, it does make things a little easier. There are arguments for sticking… [Continue Reading]

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I need to learn screen or tmux very well but which do I chose?

What screen is

If you’re reading this article, you probably already know what GNU
Screen is: the most well-known terminal multiplexer in the world of
Unix. If that doesn’t ring any bells, I recommend reading
the Wikipedia article about GNU Screen
before continuing with this article.

An Alternative

There are, however, also some other terminal multiplexers besides GNU
screen, most notably tmux. While technically screen and tmux serve the
same purpose – multiplexing terminals – their functionality and
quality differ drastically.

The History of screen And tmux

Development of screen started in 1987; additions and fixes have
been contributed ever since. On the one hand, that means that screen
is a solid and proven piece of software; On the other hand, though, it
also means that the codebase isn’t the cleanest one nor easy to
understand. As a result of this, new additions are rare and
development mostly concentrates on fixing existing bugs.

Tmux, on the other side, saw the light of day in late 2007. And
because the

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