Running I3 Window Manager on Ubuntu for Windows

That might be the longest title for a blog post ever, but it’s kind of hard to describe what’s going on here if you’re not familiar with the latest updates from Microsoft land. Here’s a quick refresher:

This spring Microsoft announced Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, also known as the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Read the post, the FAQ, etc in that link. I’ll summarize: Microsoft wants to make Windows the best place for ALL developers to work. A lofty and ambitious goal, to say the least. Their crazy idea – translate Linux system calls into NT Kernel calls using a small shim layer.

This is not a virtual machine. The system calls are translated by the shim layer (WSL) and run directly on the NT Kernel.

This is kind of a Big Deal. If it works, it has the potential to win back many developers who abandoned the Windows platform years ago

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