ArXiv preprint server plans multimillion-dollar overhaul

Carla DeMello/Cornell University Library Oya Rieger, arXiv’s programme director, is seeking a compelling vision for the site.

A multimillion-dollar funding drive is being readied to transform arXiv, the vastly popular repository to which physicists, computer scientists and math­ematicians flock to share their research preprints openly. But the results of an enormous user survey published this week suggest that researchers are wary of drastic changes to a site that has become an essential part of the infrastructure of modern science. Last year, the site served up around 139 million downloads, and it now holds more than 1.1 million free papers. But it is being sustained by fragile code, donations from libraries and a charitable foundation and the good will of about 150 or so volunteer moderators, says the site’s programme director, Oya Rieger. With its 25th anniversary approaching in August, arXiv’s advisory teams of scientists and librarians are considering a plan that involves raising US$2.5 million to $3

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