Introducing Worldwide SMS Messaging


Earlier this week, Amazon SNS released worldwide SMS delivery and made it available in six AWS Regions. Worldwide SMS delivery means that you can now send SMS text messages directly to mobile phone numbers in more than 200 countries. Along with this expansion, SNS also enabled default “opt-in” of recipient phone numbers. This creates more possibilities for SMS messages, such as those needed for multi-factor authentication (MFA) or one-time passcodes.

In this blog post, we will cover notable changes from the previous SMS offering and highlight the new features. We’ll also describe SMS account-level configuration, show how to set up delivery status, and describe the new SMS API calls and message attributes.

What’s new with worldwide SMS delivery?

The following table shows the previous SMS offering and the features and options that are now available with the new worldwide SMS delivery from Amazon SNS.

SMS (former capability)

Worldwide SMS (new)

US-based phone numbers only.

Global support of

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