Amazon: Make AWS easier to start with

Amazon: Make AWS easier to start with
I’m a longtime user/customer of Amazon Web Services, going all the way back to the beginning when they rolled out S3, their basic storage system.My main site,, is an S3 bucket. I have an EC2 instance that runs a bunch of my apps. I use Route 53 to manage domains. I probably would use more of their services, but they’re so damned hard to get started with. Which is a shame because once you’ve climbed the hill, they’re not that hard to use.Typically I have to approach a product several times, often over a period of months, before the clutter gets out of the way, and the steps-to-start reveal themselves.I’m dealing with that now with the Elastic File System. I was allowed early access to it, but when I looked at the docs, I could tell right off that I would have to learn a

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