Wide and Deep Learning: Better Together with TensorFlow

Today we’re open-sourcing our implementation of Wide & Deep Learning as part of the TF.Learn API so that you can easily train a model yourself. Please check out the TensorFlow tutorials on Linear Models and Wide & Deep Learning, as well as our research paper to learn more.How Wide & Deep Learning works.Let’s say one day you wake up with an idea for a new app called FoodIO*. A user of the app just needs to say out loud what kind of food he/she is craving for (the query). The app magically predicts the dish that the user will like best, and the dish gets delivered to the user’s front door (the item). Your key metric is consumption rate—if a dish was eaten by the user, the score is 1; otherwise it’s (the label).You come up with some simple rules to start, like returning the items that match the most

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This New VLC Beta Is Built for Windows 10, Xbox One, and HoloLens

VLC is already available for Windows 10, but this newly-released “Modern” beta runs on the Universal Windows Platform. That means it’ll get some special features, including Cortana support and live tiles, and it’ll be perfect for the Xbox One, Windows tablets, and even HoloLens, when it’s released.Read more…

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Facebook opens up about how it controls your newsfeed

Earlier today, Facebook announced the latest tweak to newsfeeds. Having denied being politically bias towards Brexit, or having a liberal leaning, Facebook continues to face question and criticism about how its news feeds and trending topics are formulated. As well as updating the way newsfeeds are populated, Facebook today revealed just how it choses what appears in your newsfeeds. This isn’t a case of full transparency, but it is an interesting insight nonetheless. At a press briefing, the company revealed a little of the inner workings of the newsfeed, reiterating that the most recent change is all about ensuring that… [Continue Reading]

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Microsoft Kills Windows 10’s Messaging Everywhere Texts, To Bolster Skype

Reader tripleevenfall writes: The ability to respond to text messages received on your phone with the same app on your PC. It’s a dream that’s been a reality for Mac users since 2014, and Windows 10 Mobile users were supposed to get the feature, called Messaging Everywhere, with the Anniversary Update rolling out August 2. But that’s not happening anymore. Instead, Microsoft thinks it has a better idea: add Messaging Everywhere to an upcoming version of Skype for Windows 10 PCs.Microsoft commentator Brad Sams writes, “Skype barely works; let’s add new features. Texting from your phone is cool, let’s remove it. 0.0% people want this.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Mac CLI Is a Massive Collection of Command Line Tools for Developers

Mac: You can do just about anything from the command line on a Mac, but with so many utilities, it’s hard to remember what commands do what. Mac CLI is a set of utilities that simplifies that.Read more…

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Google.org, Omidyar Network backing Fast Forward, the accelerator for tech nonprofits

 An accelerator that helps tech nonprofits develop their products and raise grant money, Fast Forward, has attracted $1.25 million in philanthropic funding of its own. Backers include big names in venture capital and tech. Omidyar Network, Google.org and BlackRock donated the largest share, along with AT&T, The Nasiri Foundation and Rita Allen Foundation. Fast Forward will use the money… Read More

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Alvin Toffler, Author of ‘Future Shock,’ Dies at 87

Mr. Toffler popularized the phrase “information overload.” His warnings could be bleak, cautioning that people and institutions that failed to keep pace with change would face ruin. But he was generally optimistic. He was among the first authors to recognize that knowledge, not labor and raw materials, would become the most important economic resource of advanced societies.Critics were not sure what to make of Mr. Toffler’s literary style or scholarship. The mechanical engineering scholar and systems theorist Richard W. Longman wrote in The New York Times that Mr. Toffler “sends flocks of facts and speculation whirling past like birds in a tornado.” In Time magazine, the reviewer R. Z. Sheppard wrote, “Toffler’s redundant delivery and overheated prose turned kernels of truth into puffed generalities.”Mr. Toffler’s work nevertheless found an eager readership among the general public, on college campuses, in corporate suites and in national governments. Newt Gingrich, the former Republican

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What if…2.0

Nearly a year and a half ago, I got a little frustrated with a lack of progress toward increased access to justice and started this What if… list. I looked at the list again today, because lately I’ve been feeling just that way again.
I have been thinking about what is needed to effect the kind of change that is needed. Does A2J need a knight on a white horse riding in from a neighbouring kingdom to set things aright? Though that could make a great movie (I think a younger Al Pacino might play the knight?) it seems an improbable reality.
What if the knights are already working in the system? This recent New York Times op-ed piece by David Brooks has me thinking that they are already here and quietly subverting the systems they work in to make things better. Brooks writes:
A person on the edge of the inside knows how to take advantage

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