Elastic Network Adapter – High Performance Network Interface for Amazon EC2

Many AWS customers create high-performance systems that run across multiple EC2 instances and make good use of all available network bandwidth. Over the years, we have been working to make EC2 an ever-better host for this use case. For example, the CC1 instances were the first to feature 10 Gbps networking. Later, the Enhanced Networking feature reduced latency, increased the packet rate, and reduced variability. Through the years, the goal has remained constant—ensure that the network is not the bottleneck for the vast majority of customer workloads.
We’ve been talking to lots of customers and watching technology trends closely. Along with a short-term goal of enabling higher throughput by providing more bandwidth, we established some longer-term goals for the next generation of EC2 networking. We wanted to be able to take advantage of the increased concurrency (more vCPUs) found in today’s processors, and we wanted to lay a solid foundation

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