Why Infinite Scrolling is probably a bad idea

7 reasons why Infinite Scrolling is probably a bad ideaOn more than one occasion I have found myself trying to convince team-mates that Infinite Scrolling and its close relative Show More is more likely to degrade the experience than improve upon it. I thought I would jot down my notes on the matter and share them with you. Here they are:1. The footer becomes unusablePeople understand what a footer is and that it is likely to contain links to important secondary information. Infinite scrolling means the footer keeps getting pushed just out of reach by the freshly loaded content.2. Performance degradesIf you’re using infinite scrolling on a long page, you’re constantly loading more and more content into memory. This will have a negative impact on page performance, since the browser has much more work to do in order to render the page.Also, the page needs to listen constantly for scroll

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