Subuser: Docker on the Desktop

Subuser is free open-source software
Subuser is licensed under the LGPL v3. You can download the source code by clicking here.

The problem
As free software developers we like to share. We surf the web and discover new code. We are eager to try it out. We live out an orgy of love and trust, unafraid that some code we cloned from git might be faulty or malicious. We live in the 60s, carefree hippies.
This is utopia.
But sharing code isn’t safe. Every time we try out some stranger’s script we put ourselves at risk. Despite the occasional claim that linux is a secure operating system, haphazardly sharing programs is NOT secure.
Furthermore, the fragmentation of the linux desktop means that packaging work is needlessly repeated. Programs that build and run on Fedora must be repackaged for Ubuntu. This takes time away from creating great free open source software.
Subuser with Docker attacks both

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