Announcing Flatpak – Next Generation Linux Applications

Stockholm, Sweden – 21st June 2016 – The development team behind Flatpak is excited to announce the general availablity of their new framework for desktop applications on Linux. Previously named xdg-app, Flatpak is available on a range of major Linux distributions.

Build once, run anywhere

The Linux desktop has long been held back by platform fragmentation. This has been a burden on developers, and creates a high barrier to entry for third party application developers. Flatpak aims to change all that. From the very start its primary goal has been to allow the same application to run across a myriad of Linux distributions and operating systems. In doing so, it greatly increases the number of users that application developers can easily reach.

Speaking about the goals behind Flatpak, Alexander Larsson, its lead developer, said: “Application developers on Linux have always been prevented from having a

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