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Cross-posted, the web’s oldest site devoted to general-interest news and views on ebooks and related matters, has just moved back to
Please rejoin all of us there if you haven’t already: Editor Chris Meadows (photo), Associate Editor Paul StJohn Mackintosh, Senior Writer Joanna Cabot, Contributing Writer Susan Lulgjuraj, and me. A former poverty beat reporter in an Ohio steel town, I founded TeleRead two decades ago to advocate well-stocked national digital libraries for all, and today I’m publisher.
In keeping with the .org, we’ll stand up for the commonweal and write on topics dear to us and our long-time community members. We won’t worry so much about pleasing Google and other SEO-related dieties. Hosted at, the new site will cost a fraction of what the .com version did. So no need to chase after ads right now. will remain online briefly as a locked-up WordPress site, then as static HTML.

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