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D’AO!On Friday I wrote about a hack at the Distributed Autonomous Organization, the odd venture capital fund built on top of the Ethereum smart-contract blockchain. In particular, I wrote about the possibility that the hack was not a “hack,” and that the $60 million that the hacker stole was not “stolen,” because the DAO’s governing documents, its terms and conditions, were set out solely in its code. If the code allowed someone to take $60 million, then that’s just how the DAO worked, and whoever took the $60 million got it fair and square.It is an odd view, and not one that I exactly endorse, either as a matter of law or as a matter of, like, how to run a system. But you know who does endorse that view? The hacker! Or, at least, someone claiming to be “The Attacker,” who wrote this:I have carefully examined the code of

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