A DAO Counter-Attack

A DAO Counter-AttackFriday the 17th of June was a dark day for The DAO. As many of you may have deduced, The DAO was attacked using the recursive call exploit inside the splitDAO() function. The attacker stole 3,641,694 ether which are currently located in a child DAO as can be seen here.There is a lot of debate around this attack, what it means for Ethereum, and most importantly what the potential suggested solutions will mean for Ethereum. This post has nothing to do with any of this. This post is here to empower you, the DAO Token Holders (DTHs) to do something about this attack while we wait for a hard fork.Plan of Action for the DAO Token HoldersWhat can we do from here on out? There are currently soft forks being implemented in the major Ethereum clients that would prevent any and all value transactions from going through via

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