Ethereum Debate Marred By Second Digital Currency Heist

Thursday’s new of a $50 million heist of digital currency at Ethereum. was followed today be reports of a second heist from the DAO, according to the Bitcoin News Service — this one for just 22 Ether. “It appears this is just someone who wanted to test the exploit and see if they could use it to their advantage… ” Slashdot reader Patrick O’Neill writes:
The currency’s community is currently debating a course forward for a currency who is built on the idea that it is governed by software and not human beings. One option is to fork the code, another is to do absolutely nothing at all.”

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, posted Sunday that “Over the last day with the community’s help we have crowdsourced a list of all of the major bugs with smart contracts on Ethereum so far, including both the DAO as well as various

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