Serverless Sync in Web Apps Using Bit Torrent

TL;DR – Here is a demo Code

Our team has built a lot of Progressive Web Apps recently to demonstrate
how we think they can be built: Airhorner,
Voice Memos, Guitar Tuner,
SVG-OMG are a few that spring to mind. One thing
that is common across all of these sites is that they have no server component to store and
synchronise data. We built these sites as examples and reference implementations of the types
of experiences that we can deliver on the web, they were never intended to
be full “Apps” that you would build as a business.

I recently had an idea for another Web App that was inspired by
Ben Thompson’s Future of Podcasting
PodCast. I wanted to make Pod Casting as simple as visiting your site and
pressing a record button on the page (I did something similar years ago
called FriendBoo
but that had to use the PSTN telephone system).

Technically we have all the parts of the web platform to

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