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The Checked C research project is investigating how to extend the C programming language so that programmers can write more secure and reliable C programs. The project is developing an extension to C called Checked C that adds checking to C to detect or prevent common programming errors such as buffer overruns, out-of-bounds memory accesses, and incorrect type casts.

Finding out more
The latest version of the Checked C specification is available here. The Checked C repository has the LaTex files for the specification, as well as tests for the language extension tests. We are currently implementing Checked C in LLVM/clang. The Checked C clang repository and the Checked C LLVM repository have the source code for the compiler implementation.
Checked C is an open, collaborative research project. Researchers and developers can contribute to the specification and the compiler implementation on Github. We are working with Michael Hicks and Andrew Ruef at the

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