Spaced Repetition Learning

Abstract: Since using spaced repetition software as a learning tool and memory aid seems to still be relatively niche, I give a brief introduction to spaced repetition learning and why I’ve found it useful. Then, I link to each of my current flashcard decks, broken down by topic, made using the free, open-source software Anki. First Published: 12/10/12. Last Updated: 2/23/16.
0) Introduction1) Data From Five Years of SR2) Biology3) Chemistry4) Math5) Medicine6) Neuroscience7) Physics8) Programming9) Psychology10) Statistics
Most of the time, it is acceptable to learn something in the short-run and accept that you will mostly forget it later. Maybe you don’t care about the material long-term and just want to pass a course. Or maybe you need to understand a topic to execute a two-month long project, and after that you have good reason to expect the knowledge will lose its value.
But sometimes forgetting information over the long run is intolerably inefficient. For example, if you

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